Entering into the world of blogging.

Hello there,

Am Ayesha Siddiqua,an engineering student and a food lover! I hail from Karnataka which is know as ‘One State Many Worlds’. Born in a Muslim family with an inheritance of sweet tooth and serious food addiction.

The thought of beginning!

Since I come from a typical Muslim community where girls who are in edge of 17! Should consider cooking as the most essential thing to learn. Though I am a food lover,I wasn’t interested in cooking and my mother who is a great chef always wanted me to try something. And one fine day I finally tried and it came out to be delicious and I got wonderful response from my family and friends. They all liked the way I presented and garnished the food and after that,I thought of starting a blog.

I started liking the whole process of preparing the dish in my own way and it always turned to be amazing. It was kind of a hidden talent I was unaware of. After giving a thought for a while I finally decided to enter the world of blogging.

As this is my first food blog and being a noob I don’t know how to edit pictures or post a recipe but one thing I realized that’s- ‘Blogging is not going to be easy as it sounds’. But I’ll try my best to occupy a nice platform for my creativity

Please support and suggest as my journey in the blogging world begins!.

Thank you.